Afflictor combines the best of both product segments: Fixed and Mechanical ensuring you have the best results possible. Designed for ALL bows and CrossBows. Afflictor Broadheads will ensure it will do its part if you do yours. In fact, we guarantee its results. If you have the same heart breaking disappointment with any of our products that I had (read founder Keith Powell’s inspiration for the hybrid design here), we will gladly refund your full purchase price.
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Afflictor Broadhead’s DriveKey deployment is a revolutionary breakthrough in broadhead technology . The “DriveKey” is the first of its kind and is the key behind the all-new True Hybrid design. Afflictors DriveKey is the mechanism that deploys the blades open. Upon impact, Afflictors DriveKey deploys the main blades from the rear which allows the Hybrid to mimic a 2 blade fixed Cut On Contact head with Bleeder Blades. The DriveKey slides from the tip position of the ferrule deploying the blades as it moves to the rear position of the ferrule locking the blades open. When the DriveKey stops sliding it doubles as a devastating Bleeder Blade. Afflictors Hybrid line is the most Advanced, Deadly & Unstoppable broaheads on the planet!

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For those few states that won’t allow mechanical broadheads, or that die hard fixed head shooter Afflictor has developed the most devastating line of fixed blade broadheads ever conceived. Built on the proven and unstoppable K2 & EXT platform, these two lines are are slated to be Super Stars right out of the blocks. K2-FIXED (100 grain) and K2-FIXED HD (125 grain) host 4 extremely strong blades with an almost indestructible 7075-T6 ferrule. K2-FIXED is built on the best selling K2 Series platform, with its stocky profile and hard blade angles nothing is safe in its path. FIXED-EXT (100 grain) and FIXED-EXT HD (125 grain) host 2 extremely strong main blades with unbreakable Bleeder Blades and 7075-T6 ferrule. FIXED-EXT is built on the ever popular EXT platform, with a longer less aggressive blade angle and pointer tip. The FIXED-EXT is certain to bust through the toughest game on the planet with no effort at all.

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